Chemistry Tuition Singapore

(Secondary and Junior College)

Chemistry is a fairly easy subject as its questions are slightly repetitive (as compared to Maths and Physics). Once students grasp the basic concept, types of chemical interactions, and understand characteristics of each important elements like their own friends, there will be no excuse not to score well in their exams.

Our tutors at ST Education Lab are chemistry expert and we understand fully the most efficient methods in teaching Chemistry. Each of our tutors have taught numerous students for at least 5 years, both Secondary and JC levels. More than 85% of our students got A grade in their O Level and A Level exams. And we are sure your child will score A as well.

Subjects offered : 

  1. Pure chemistry (Secondary 3 – 4)
  2. Combined chemistry (Secondary 3 – 4)
  3. H1 and H2 Chemistry (JC 1 – 2)

Upper Sec Chemistry Tuition Fee

  • Consists of 4 sessions
  • 1.5 hrs / session

Junior College Chemistry Tuition Fee

  • Consists of 4 sessions
  • 1.5 hrs / session