Junior College Tuition 

(Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)

Junior College (JC) education is one of the toughest experience in students’ academic life. Not only the sheer amount of content given to them, but also the limited time window given to master the content, especially for Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

Our JC Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry tuition program provides JC students with concept mastery session, equip them with tips and avoid typical tricks that is being set up by examiners.

Our tuition centre will also provide our students with extensive resources of questions bank for them to practice and master their subjects to ace their A Level Examinations.

Subjects offered : 

  1. Mathematics (H1/H2)
  2. Physics (H1/H2)
  3. Chemistry (H1/H2)

JC Tuition Fee

(Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)
  • Consists of 4 sessions
  • 1.5hr / session