Science Tuition Singapore

(Primary and Secondary)

Science is a unique subject for the younger students in Singapore education. It plays an important role in laying the foundation before branching out to Physics, Chemistry, or Biology. Therefore, it is crucial for the foundation to be very firm otherwise students might face difficulties once the subject is branched out.

Our tutors at ST Education Lab have 5 years’ experience in teaching Science subjects, both primary and secondary school level, to strengthen the foundation and always give relevant real-life examples to widen their perspective. All of our students achieved an A grade after 1 year learning with us and we are sure to improve your child’s grade and instill the love for this important subject.

Subjects offered : 

  1. Science (Primary 4 – 6)
  2. Science (Secondary 1 – 2)

Primary Science Tuition Fee

  • Consists of 4 sessions
  • 1.5 hrs / session

Secondary Science Tuition Fee

  • Consists of 4 sessions
  • 1.5 hrs / session