Secondary School Tuition 

(Mathematics and Science)

When it comes to secondary school, there is a big leap in terms of difficulty for Mathematics and Science subjects. Every student is required to be on their toes at all times or face the risk of being phased out to lower stream.

Our Secondary Mathematics and Science tuition program, as well as Physics and Chemistry tuition for Upper Secondary students, we provide teaching methods to enhance students’ ability to focus, so that students are able to understand and grasp new concept easily in school. Our tuition program so results-oriented that we usually extend our sessions during exams period to ensure students’ readiness.

Subjects offered : 

  1. Mathematics (Secondary 1 – 2)
  2. Science (Secondary 1 – 2)
  3. Elementary Maths (Secondary 3 – 4)
  4. Additional Maths (Secondary 3 – 4)
  5. Pure Physics (Secondary 3 – 4)
  6. Pure Chemistry (Secondary 3 – 4)
  7. Combined Science (Phys/Chem) (Secondary 3 – 4)

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Lower Secondary School Tuition Fee

(Mathematics and Science)
  • Consists of 4 sessions
  • 1.5hr / session

Upper Secondary School Tuition Fee

(A Maths, E Maths, Combined Science, Physics, Chemistry
  • Consists of 4 sessions
  • 1.5hr/session