After a hectic end-of-year exams, school holiday is the time to allow your children to relax and rejuvenate their energy for the next school year. Of course, it’s always best to let your child do something productive so that while your child is relaxing, he or she is doing something enriching and enhancing as well. Here some of the things that your child can do to make the most of the school holiday.

Holiday Camps

Holiday camps in Singapore are very popular, especially the ones that cater to the younger crowd. Holiday camps offer a range of activities that include sports activities and also art activities. Your child can have their summer camp in Singapore (mostly in forest areas or other parts of the city) depending on the facilitator. It’s a fun way for your child to do something active and meet a lot of new friends.


Part Time Job

This activity is very popular among Singaporean teenagers. They take up jobs that are not very demanding for an extra pocket money. Some of the most popular jobs here are Baristas, Waiters, Tour Guides, Musician, etc. While these jobs may not have a direct relation in terms of academics, it teaches them to be independent, productive, and how to manage their time efficiently.

Study Tours

Another activity that children can do during their school holiday would be to go on a study tour in Singapore. Students are able to visit other countries, expanding their insights, and to learn cultures which is different from their own country. As most study tours have academic elements in them, it is a good opportunity for students to learn while traveling with their family at the same time.


Workshops are also very popular in Singapore. There are a lot of arts, sports, and even some academic related workshops that are offered to those who want to enhance their knowledge on a particular topic. Students will be able to pick up extra skills in this 2 months period in a fun and engaging environment. Unlike holiday camps, workshops are usually conducted in education centres and children can just visit the centre on their schedule to learn from the workshop.

Bridging Tutorials

Lastly, bridging classes are very useful for the students who have their upcoming examinations like the “O” levels or “A” levels. This is a very important time for students to catch up on their study materials. It is also suitable for students who want to get a head start for their upcoming academic year. Surely there is no better time to pick up the pace than during school holidays.

These are some of the activities that you can let your children have during their school holiday. Sure, it’s good to let them have fun and enjoy, especially after a whole year of school time. But it’s always good to always have an opportunity to learn and having fun at the same time.