In Singapore, education is paramount to an individual’s life given the highly competitive landscape. Every student is consistently facing the pressures of gaining an edge above the average, in hope to get into a top university before stepping into the job market. The drive to succeed academically compels most students to enrol in small group tuition in order to ensure themselves to be on track. Parents would invest hundreds to even thousands of dollars on group tuition centre just to ensure their children excel academically (most parents prefer group tuition centres as compared to private tuition because centres are perceived to be more specialized and affordable).

Given the trend elaborated above, primary and secondary tuition centre are very much in demand here in Singapore. This speaks of the numerous tuition centres in Singapore and therefore, it is very important for us to decipher which group tuition centre is most suitable for the student. Here are the top 5 things to Look Out for Best Tuition Centres in Singapore

Top 5 Things to Look Out for Best Tuition Centres in Singapore

Credentials of the Group Tuition Centre

First off, you have to look at the credentials of the centre. Is the centre accredited by Ministry of Education (MOE)? Does it have good reviews from other parents or from the internet? What are its other credentials as compared to other centres? A good track record of the Group Tuition Centre, especially good testimonials of parents, speaks volumes about the quality of group tuition the centre offers.


Credentials of the Teachers

Besides the credentials of the group tuition centre, you should also consider the credentials of the teachers. Do the teachers have a background and degrees in education fields? What is the group tuition centre’s screening process in hiring the teachers? The quality of teachers that the tuition school hires will speak so much of their advocacy regarding quality teaching.


Specialization in Maths and Science

The Singapore education system puts heavy emphasis on maths and science as given their fundamentals are applicable to multiple professional fields such as engineering and banking. This is why primary school math tuition and secondary school maths tuition are very important. As such, it is prudent to place more emphasis on Primary School Tuition Centre and Secondary School Tuition Centre which focus on math and science as core subjects.


Price of Lessons

You must also consider the price of the lessons. Of course, you’d want to get the group tuition centre that gives you the best price. Most group tuition centres offer more affordable prices relative to private tuition. Besides academic teaching, some enrichment centres in Singapore also offer “more than tuition” services such as workshops which teach soft skills and presentation techniques.


Exam and Worksheets Given

Lastly, it is best if the group tuition centre has up to date assessment worksheets and past year exams. You must know if these exams and worksheets are of top quality and if they are relevant to the “O” level exams or “A” level exams your child will be taking.


In summary, when you are looking for a good group tuition centre, the above presents top 5 things to Look Out for Best Tuition Centres in Singapore. Investing in your child’s education is one of the best gifts you could possible give to them. You want your child to come out with the best results. To do that, you must ensure that the group tuition centre you enrol him or her in is of top and professional quality.