Education is of paramount importance in one’s life and it is no surprise that Singaporean parents put significant emphasis on academic excellence for their child. With the highly competitive nature of Singapore’s education, it is no surprise that students who struggle in class are sent for additional tuition in an effort to help pass their exams. Sometimes, even the most talented of students are also sent for additional tuition just to maintain his or her grades in school. This is where tuition classes come in.

Tuition classes usually focus on one particular subject in one session. A tutor’s job is to help students who have difficulties in their studies, to clarify information or strengthen concept which are taught in school. They also assist and help the students review all the materials for the upcoming exams. Most tuition has a small number of students in one group, and this makes it easier for tutor to work closely with your child. This result in a more comprehensive quality of lesson. Thus, you can expect quicker progress in grade improvement of your child.

What are the signs that your child is in need of tuition? If you are not sure whether your child needs tuition, here are some signs that may help in your consideration:


  1. Difficulty in Learning

Each student has a different capability and capacity to process new information. Some can absorb lessons quickly while some takes longer time to understand concepts. However, school classes move at the same pace for all students and does not discriminate students based on their learning ability. School teachers teach in the same manner, and treat all students the same way. Those students who takes longer time to process are in a disadvantage in this system. In such cases, enrolling them in tuition would be the best option since they give a specific yet holistic approach to make your child better understand this new information.

  1. Overwhelming Homework

Homework play an important role in assessing students understanding of the lesson. As each student has an average of 5 subjects in each academic year (or more), more homework is being piled up every week. Adding co-curricular activities, most students will find it difficult to manage their time effectively and efficiently. This is when a tutor will be able to help your child to manage homework and projects, and also to your child to manage time efficiently.

  1. National Exams

National exams (PSLE / GCE O Level / GCE A Level) are one of the most stressful period in a students’ academic life. Sometimes these national exams even affect their parents. It is usually not so much because of the difficulty of the exam itself, but because there is so much at stake that the student just can’t afford to fail. Parents are afraid that failing national exams might derail their children’s future. And due to the magnitude of its importance in deciding a child’s future, most parents will enrol their child into reputable tuition centre in Singapore to ensure their children is on the right track.

  1. Minimal Parental Supervision

Most Singaporean parents are working professionals or business owners. Sometimes they themselves find it difficult to juggle between their working time with family time. Moreover, parents have less and less time to attentively check their children’s academic progress. When parents find that their child’s academic grades are falling, and they do not have the time to keep on checking, teaching, and encouraging their child attentively week in and week out, it is high time to enrol their child to a tuition centre in Singapore.


These are just some checklists for consideration. Each and every student have different capabilities, work ethic, time management, and ability to focus. If your child is able to cope well with the school work load and excels in school with flying colours, tuition might not be required. However, if your child struggles to cope and feel a little overwhelmed in school, then enrolling your child in tuition centre is highly recommended.