According to the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), Singapore has been continually edging over other countries when it comes to math and science studies. Singapore’s Math Education is recognized globally and has been adopted by several different countries for the past years. The education system in the Singapore is admired worldwide, and their students consistently top math and science competitions around the world.

Here, we will explore their secrets for the excellent results.


Excellent Curriculum

Singapore has an excellent curriculum in their education system. Their curriculum is constantly revised, and all these changes and improvements are then integrated into the lessons. Their education department works closely with the teachers to help them implement any curriculum changes effectively. Many countries have already adopted some of Singapore’s education system since they have been proven to be effective as proven by the performance of Singaporean students both in math and science.

Tuition Centre

Aside from excellent education system in place, many students in Singapore are being given extra enrichment classes in the form of tuition centre. Many parents enrol their children for tuition centre in Singapore and it plays a major role in maximising children’s capability in all subject areas. By learning in a group tuition, students can easily learn all their lessons at school and obtain mastery of the subject being taught. A small group tuition class are able to work closely with the course syllabus of the student and creates lesson plans that suit the syllabus to help the child learn the lessons much faster.


Experts say that one of the secrets of Singapore’s math education is the introduction of fewer topics at each grade level. Many tuition centres in Singapore use this strategy to let the children obtain mastery of each topic by allowing them to spend more time on them. This is also one of the advantages of small group tuition as tutors are able to teach lesser group of students more efficiently. Being consistent with the lessons that are being taught at school and during a group tuition session can help the students obtain mastery of the topics.

Well-trained teachers

Singapore also regards highly the importance of quality of its teachers. The government invests heavily on each of the school teachers as they undergo years of training before they are allowed to teach. This practise ensures maintenance in education quality that will be experienced by each generation of students.



Singapore’s attitude towards education sets them apart from other countries, and their practices are proven to be effective when it comes to being competitive on a global scale. Developing excellent curriculum, training their teachers, utilizing tuition centre, and emphasising mastery are just some of the secrets why most Singaporeans are very good in math and science. With these practices, Singapore will certainly remain to be on top when it comes to education in the years to come.