Many parents in Singapore are choosing to enrol their children in a primary school tuition centre / secondary school tuition centre to help them in their Math, Science, and English subjects. Currently, statistics show that 7 out of 10 parents choose to send their children to tuition centers!

Isn’t school enough for our children nowadays? Why do we enrol our children in a tuition centre?

The growth of both primary and secondary tuition centres are on the rise due to the growing popularity of small group tuition. Here are the top 5 benefits of small group tuition in Singapore,

Tackling Tough School Examinations

A primary school tuition centre / secondary school tuition centre is focused on teaching their students strategies in tackling school examinations, helping them secure a high score for their tests. A group tuition centre helps their students anticipate what will be asked in their examinations by carefully studying their syllabus and creating a suitable lesson guide to perfectly fit their syllabus. With constant practice and proper test strategies, students gain confidence in answering their school examinations which help them get significantly higher examination scores.


Mastery of Difficult School Subjects

Mathematics is one of the most dreaded school subjects along with Science and English. Primary school tuition centre / secondary school tuition centre makes it possible for every student to master both difficult subjects with ease. Group Tuition Tutors specialize in simplifying concepts and customizing questions that are challenging enough to tackle school examinations. This way, students are able to master the school syllabus with ease.

Focused Tutoring

Most small group tuition centres offer very focused tutoring given its small group setting, and proves to be highly beneficial when teaching primary and secondary students. By allowing tutor to focus on small group of students, it will be much easier for the student to absorb and understand the lessons. Focused Tutoring can certainly help primary and secondary students that are struggling to get high scores in school.


Development of Good Study Habits

Enrolling a primary school student in small group tuition can help the child develop good study habits as they interact with like-minded individuals in small group settings. This cultivates in them a disciplined mind to continuously practise, improve and excel.


Involvement of Parents in Children’s Education

There are Primary school tuition centre / secondary school tuition centre which offer parents a better view of their children’s progress in their math and science knowledge. They conduct timed examinations which simulate school examinations for students, and their results are made known to the parents. This way, parents are able to gauge how their children have improved. Tutors of small group tuition are more readily available to discuss children’s progress with parents as well.



Tackling Tough School Examinations, Mastery of Difficult School Subjects, Focused Tutoring, Development of Good Study Habits and Involvement of Parents in Children’s Education are the top 5 benefits of enrolling children in a tuition centre. These are the reasons why this method of teaching is gaining more popularity in Singapore, and there is no doubt that this will become even more popular in the future.