Group Tuition Services Subjects and Levels Provided,

  1. Elementary Maths (Secondary 1-5)
  2. Additional Maths (Secondary 3-5)
  3. Physics (Secondary 1-5)
  4. Chemistry (Secondary 1-5)
  5. Mathematics (Primary 1-6)
  6. Science (Primary 1-6)
  7. H2/H1 Mathematics (coming soon)
  8. H2/H1 Physics (coming soon)
  9. H2/H1 Chemistry (coming soon)

Besides helping our students to excel academically, we conduct the following complimentary soft skills workshops periodically (every quarter) for our students,

  • Steps for a Successful Presentation Workshop
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills Workshop
  • Principles of Persuasion Workshop
  • Do(s) and Don’t(s) of an Effective Communication Workshop
  • Resume Writing Workshop (applicable to A Level/Tertiary students)

Contact Us for registration, or join our 1.5 Hour Free Trial Session!


  • Consists of 4 sessions
  • 1.5 hr/session

We conduct complimentary tuition session on all days of the week including weekends:

Weekday (mon-fri), timeslots (4pm-5.30pm / 6pm – 7.30pm)

Weekend (sat-sun), timelots (10am-11.30am / 1.30pm-3pm / 4pm-5.30pm)

Subject choice: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry (secondary 3 and 4 level)

Venue: Katong Plaza 01-34

Given limited availability, do reserve your slots asap!